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 D-LOX 3 - 0 Crip O

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MessageSujet: D-LOX 3 - 0 Crip O   Ven 29 Mai 2009 - 0:45

Spook a écrit:
Crip O:
You started solid although your moves are a little too exagerated to go with the feel of the track and it seemed that you were in desperation when it came to putting a 'punchline' to your walk when you did that 'jump and touch your toes' thing (LOL) The beginning may have went like you're under multiple dozes of adrenaline however you started to show fatigue in the end and it gave less definition to your moves. Beatriding was so-so. All I can say is that if you distributed your energy better to your walk and paid attention more to the track than what you're actually doing, I think the video would've came through.
[+] Energy, beatriding
[-] Sloppiness & too much exageration
Real chill walk although quite repetitive at some parts although you brought flava with the foot-tilting variations. Beatriding was good although it looked like you might have lost the beat at some parts. Overall good walk and you remained consistent with the vibe that had to go with the track. Nothing more to say after that though. Ha!
[+] Variations, beatriding, flow
[-] Repetitiveness
Overall Vote: D-Lox

Mr.T a écrit:
Crip O :
- no beatriding what so ever
- you didnt look really comfortable going at that speed, slowing down is my recommendation
- your walk was unstable alongside with random intervals of energy bursts
- execution is boring and needs more defintion
- SLOW DOWN! & adjust your toes, heels and knee use inorder to find a comfortable execution to benefit from
- nothing interesting, so work on the creative side of things involving new combinations and transitions
D-Lox :
- great sense of beatriding, needs to be more defined though, so work on that
- liked the mixture of combinations and variations
- energy used well to your benefit
- flowed quite well, transitions were weak towards the end though
- walk was well executed, however some sloppy moments
- more combinations and variations will make your walk even more interesting
My Vote : D-Lox for consistency in beatriding and overall state of walk
Goodluck with the rest of your votes !

Eazy a écrit:
Crip O: mixed style? i like.. . variations were nice, beatriding could have been better
entertainment was on & off, 1:07 till 1:10 looked weird though, it killed the flow for a sec.
Speed is not always the case.
D-Lox: You have the style but you need to define it more.
beatriding was okay (missed a couple of claps), got sloppy at some parts, beatriding wasn't always on point. repetetive, i like the moves you added there.
Good Battle
Vote: D-lox due style
GL to both

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MessageSujet: Re: D-LOX 3 - 0 Crip O   Ven 29 Mai 2009 - 20:21

C'est super ça !!! =D
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MessageSujet: Re: D-LOX 3 - 0 Crip O   Ven 29 Mai 2009 - 23:25

Super D-lox Very Happy
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MessageSujet: Re: D-LOX 3 - 0 Crip O   

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D-LOX 3 - 0 Crip O
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