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The French C-Walk Community Fcwc_j11

Like the other European countries, France, started having their own c-walk community. The idea of having own board has born in Killia’s mind who with Triad (Belgian C-Walker) have started the adventure of the French-speaking c-walk community. Killia was more contaminated with the Virus of the C-Walk rather than with computers so he needed help… As of the following day the problem found its solution in the face of Tommi, creator of the forum which would become later F.C.W.C. What does it mean? You ask with curiosity… simply it’s the French C-Walk Community. There are many reasons why they chose this name. Firstly, it sounds well in french, secondly, using english words will be better for international users and lastly as they says it is esthetic, if you doubt, write it down on your room wall and you will see.

Here are some dates :

- 23/03/07 : Creation of the forum
- 04/08/07 : F.C.W.C was born
- 06/10/07 : First Mixtape
- 11/03/08 : Second Mixtape
- 16/09/08 : Third Mixtape

After the creation of F.C.W.C France can finally say that it has a C-Walk community. As all the tastes are of nature, french C-Walkers prefer both styles, clown walk and crip walk without having the deal with crip culture or thug nature. They quickly adopted c-walk name to indicate their common passion.

I mentioned about forum, but i can’t forget about blog. It’s something similar to cwalkmedia but it’s only for french c-walkers. If you don’t know many french c-walkers you can go there and watch featured ones. Here’s the link:

Our french friends have realased 3 mixtapes. They are all good and I encourage ya all to watch and find some original styles you have never seen.

First Mixtape:

Second Mixtape

Third Mixtape Part 1 (Clown):

Third Mixtape Part 2 (Crip/Crown):

- Ziemek and Lil Dje

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The French C-Walk Community
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